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The very beauty of such appearances is in part their evanescence. A fervid perception of the evanescence and sorrows of life is the root of Carlyle's pathos, which is unsurpassed in literature.. evanescent definition: lasting for only a short time, then disappearing quickly and being forgotten. Learn more. Define evanescence. evanescence synonyms, evanescence pronunciation, evanescence translation, English dictionary definition of evanescence. intr.v. ev·a·nesced, ev·a·nesc·ing, ev·a·nesc·es To dissipate or disappear like vapor.

• EVANESCENT adjective Sense 1. Meaning: Tending to vanish like vapor. Context example: evanescent beauty. Similar: impermanent; temporary not permanent; not lasting Derivation: evanesce disappear gradually evanescence the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight. Wiktionary 5.00 / 1 vote Rate this definition: evanescent Adjective Vanishing, disappearing. evanescent Adjective Ephemeral, momentary, fleeting. evanescent Adjective Barely there; almost imperceptible. Origin: From evanescens.

Dickey's one-word conclusion to "Pine" thus signals his sacred finale to the linguistic process of inventing a "momentary god." In this kind of "holy" and "mythico-religious" atmosphere, the unity-effecting name and the god's nature or power are thus felt, however evanescently, to be one: "Glory.". Dec 11, 2008 · Those that formed after the theory were created, in evanescent quantities of a few atoms each, in large particle accelerators. Asked in Charles Dickens Why does dickens allude to. What does evanescent field actually mean? Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and computer-related encyclopedia. Fleeting or evanescent evidence refers to evidence that is at risk of being destroyed or disappearing and cannot be easily recontructed through demonstrative evidence. Of course,destroying this evidence is a crime in and of itself known as spoilation of evidence. Evanescent evidence is mainly referred to in connection with warrantless searches; the term is usually stated as “the evanescent evidence. In electromagnetics, an evanescent field, or evanescent wave, is an oscillating electric and/or magnetic field that does not propagate as an electromagnetic wave but whose energy is spatially concentrated in the vicinity of the source. Even when there is a propagating electromagnetic wave produced, one can still identify as an evanescent field the component of the electric or magnetic field that cannot be attributed.

Evanescence is a word typically used to describe an event that fades from sight or memory, or sometimes the fleeting quality of worldly success. Definitions of evanescence 1 n the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight. evanescent definition: The definition of evanescent is something fleeting that passes out of sight or mind quickly. adjective An example of evanescent is a rainbow that appears for only a moment after a storm. evanescent: ev'ă-nes'ent , Of short duration. [L. e, out,vanesco, to vanish]. evanescent / ˌɛvəˈnɛs ə nt / adj. passing out of sight; fading away; vanishing; ephemeral or transitory; ˌevaˈnescence n ˌevaˈnescently adv '.

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